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The timeline for building a home in Saskatoon

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Published on Jul 20, 2023

The timeline for building a home in Saskatoon | Saskatoon Home Builder


The timeline for building a home in Saskatoon

Building a new home in Saskatoon is an exciting journey, one that many home buyers eagerly anticipate. Embarking on a new home build means having the chance to craft a custom home tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. But what does the home building process in Saskatoon entail? Let's explore the typical timeline and stages involved.

Pre-Planning and Exploration (1-3 months)

The beginning of a home build starts long before the foundation is laid. This stage is crucial for first-time homeowners. At this stage, potential home buyers should:

Visit show homes: This gives a sense of style, space, and the quality of construction provided by different builders.

Choose a location: Saskatoon has various locations to choose from, and each can make a difference in the cost and lifestyle it offers. Consider proximity to schools, the south of the city, or other desired features.

Budgeting: Determine the cost and secure financing for your proposed house.

Contact a home builder: An experienced builder will guide you through the process, answer concerns, and provide feedback.

Design and Planning (2-4 months)

Once you've settled on a builder, the next stage involves:

Custom home design: Here, homeowners can make decisions that reflect their lifestyle – from the number of rooms to the placement of windows and doors.

Approvals: The builder contacts the city to get the necessary permissions. The importance of adhering to city codes and regulations can't be overstressed.

Selection of materials: From walls and interior walls to flooring, roofing, and insulation – this is the time to decide.

Laying the Foundation (1 month)

A solid foundation is the backbone of any building. Properly laying the foundation involves:

Site preparation: Clearing the plot, ensuring the ground is level and conducting a survey if necessary.

Foundation construction: Depending on your house's structure and the location, this can be a full basement, crawl space, or slab.

Construction Phase (4-6 months)

The core construction phase is where the magic happens. The progress of your new home build becomes evident:

Building the structure: Walls go up, followed by the roof.

Utilities: Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are installed.

Exterior work: Walls are completed, windows are fitted, and doors are installed.

Interior Finishing: This includes drywall, painting, flooring, and installing cabinets.

Inspections and Quality Checks (1 month)

Safety and quality are paramount. Before a new home can be completed, it undergoes:

Inspections: These ensure everything from electrical systems to plumbing meets city standards.

Feedback and modifications: Builders will often schedule meetings with homeowners to provide updates, get feedback, and make any necessary modifications.

Training: Some builders offer training sessions on the home's systems, emphasizing aspects like safety, health, and the importance of maintenance.

Final Touches (1-2 months)

As your home nears completion, the builder will:

Finalize interior works: Think painting, installation of fixtures, and the like.

Landscaping: The exterior space of the house gets a facelift.

Final inspection: A comprehensive inspection is conducted to sign off on the completed house, ensuring it meets all standards set forward by the city and the builder.

Handover (1 week)

The moment you've been waiting for:

Walkthrough: The builder will guide you through your completed custom home, highlighting all its features, ensuring everything is to your satisfaction.

Keys in hand: After signing off on the final paperwork, you'll finally have access to your new home.

In conclusion, the timeline for building a home in Saskatoon, from planning to completion, spans approximately 10-18 months.

However, various factors, including builder efficiency, custom home specifications, and city inspections, can influence this. For peace of mind, always remain in close contact with your builder, attend scheduled visits to the construction site, and never hesitate to ask questions. Your new home is not just a building; it's a space you've created, a significant life investment, and, of course, the start of many years of memories.

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