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The Benefits of an Acreage Home Near Saskatoon

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Published on Sep 19, 2023

The Benefits of an Acreage Home Near Saskatoon | Saskatoon Home Builder


10 Things to Consider Before Moving to Your Acreage Home Near Saskatoon

Before you pack your bags and head to your dream acreage home near Saskatoon, here is a quick summary of factors that deserve your attention.

1. Commute

Assess your daily commute to work, school, or other essential places. Longer distances may impact your daily routine and time management. How far is your work, do you work from home?

2. Amenities

Consider the availability of amenities like grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and recreational activities in your new area. Ensure they meet your needs. Is there a store I can visit nearby, how far is the nearest hospital, what am I going to do for fun?

3. Schooling

If you have children, research local schools and educational opportunities. Consider the quality of education and proximity to your acreage property. We want the best for our children so this is a very important factor to consider!

4. Healthcare

Access to medical care is crucial. Investigate the availability of healthcare facilities, doctors, and emergency services in the vicinity. Accidents often tend to happen unexpectedly. Ask yourself, will I be able to drive to a medic nearby, will an ambulance be able to reach me promptly?

5. Social Life

Moving to an acreage property may mean fewer immediate neighbors. Think about how this may impact your social life and whether you're comfortable with a more solitary lifestyle. Do you have a family or are you living alone? Do you enjoy spending time with people, or are you a hermit?

6. Seasonal Challenges

Be prepared for the challenges that come with different seasons. Winters in Saskatchewan can be harsh, and rural properties may require extra maintenance. Are you ready to shovel snow in the winter? Will the roads still be accessible?

7. Emergency Services

Look into the response times and accessibility of emergency services like fire, police, and medical assistance in your new location. Emergencies can happen, so always be prepared!

8. Internet and Connectivity

In a rural area, internet connectivity can vary. Ensure you have a reliable connection for work, communication, and entertainment. Unless you are a Luddite, you probably want a good and stable internet connection.

9. Financial Planning

Calculate your budget not just for purchasing the acreage property but also for the ongoing maintenance, utilities, and unforeseen expenses. Sometimes expenses can add up in the long run!

10. Lifestyle Adaptation

Acreage living is a significant lifestyle change. Consider how you'll adapt to the slower pace, self-sufficiency, and connection to nature. Are you truly ready for this new chapter in your life?

What is an Acreage Home?

An acreage home isn't just a house, it's your piece of countryside just outside of Saskatoon. It is a spacious plot of land, often several acres, typically in rural areas where your home blends seamlessly with nature.

Unlike urban or suburban living, acreage properties provide abundant room to breathe and the privacy you’ll get is unmatched. But the beauty of acreage living is not only about the land, it's about the reconnection with nature!

Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, seeing deer in your backyard (or bears), and enjoying the starry skies that aren't ruined by the city lights. Sounds delightful!

Advantages of Acreage Homes

Spacious Serenity

Acreage properties provide plenty of space and a peaceful environment. You'll enjoy more privacy, fewer neighbours, and room to spread out and do whatever it is you want to do!


Acreage living allows you to create your dream property exactly the way you want. Whether it's building your perfect home or designing extensive gardens, the possibilities are endless. You’ll have a lot more room to work with, compared to an urban environment.

Connection to Nature

Waking up to the sights and sounds of nature every day. Acreage homes offer a chance to observe wildlife, enjoy the changing seasons, and savor the beautiful landscapes. It is a much more natural way to be and can bring amazing feelings to your soul.

Outdoor Opportunities

With the abundance of open space, you can indulge in many outdoor hobbies. Gardening, motorcycling, horseback riding, sculpting, stargazing. The possibilities are endless.


Some acreage owners embrace self-sufficiency by growing their own food or raising animals and starting hobby farms. Gaining a greater sense of independence, there’ll be no need to rely on anybody but yourself!

These advantages make acreage living an attractive choice for those seeking a quieter, more grounded, and nature-oriented lifestyle.

Disadvantages of Acreage Homes

While acreage living offers a unique and appealing lifestyle, it's important to consider the potential disadvantages before making the switch. Sometimes we tend to look at things through rose-coloured glasses and forget that not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

Maintenance Responsibilities

Acreage properties often require more extensive maintenance, from landscaping to infrastructure upkeep. Snow removal, lawn care, and repairs may fall solely on you as the homeowner.

Distance from Amenities

Acreage homes are typically located in rural areas, which means longer commutes and less immediate access to modern-day conveniences like shopping, healthcare, and entertainment. You will need a car for transportation, especially living in Saskatchewan. Also, keep in mind the grueling Saskatchewan winters, and having to drive into town on a daily or weekly basis.

Infrastructure and Utilities

Depending on the location, you might face challenges with utilities such as water, sewage, and internet connectivity. Some properties may require you to build your own wells and septic systems. You will not be allowed to build an acreage home if you don’t provide proof that you have access to water.


The peaceful solitude and quiet of acreage living can also translate into feelings of isolation and even loneliness, especially if you're used to the social aspects of living in the city. While we are all different, humans are still social creatures and need at least some human interaction from time to time.

Wildlife Encounters

While enjoying nature is a perk, it also means encounters with wildlife that may pose different challenges, such as damage to your property and gardens. Depending on the location, you can also stumble upon dangerous predators such as coyotes, foxes, and badgers. Always stay vigilant and remember you are not in the city anymore!

Winter Weather

In Saskatchewan, winters are usually very harsh. As an acreage homeowner, you will need to ensure your home is properly insulated against the cold. Shoveling, flooding, or just simply being cold can be something that poses challenges.

Permits and Regulations

Zoning Laws

Acreage properties often fall under specific zoning regulations, which dictate land use and development. Check with the city of Saskatoon or respective governing bodies to ensure your plans align with the zoning laws. Saskatchewan is massive, but there are still rules as to where we can build a home.

Building Codes

Compliance with building codes is essential to ensure your acreage home meets safety and structural standards. This includes considerations for foundations, electrical systems, plumbing, and more. This is especially important as an acreage homeowner because you are further away from the city and everything must be done right to avoid massive problems down the line.

Environmental Regulations

Depending on where you decide to live, you may need to adhere to environmental regulations, especially if your acreage includes sensitive habitats, water bodies, or protected lands. Did you know Saskatchewan has over 100,000 lakes and rivers? Our province is truly spectacular. (Reference)

Utility Permits

If your acreage lacks access to public utilities, you may need permits for well drilling, septic systems, and power connections. All the conveniences of modern living are now in your hands, and you will need to have them at your residence.

Selecting the Right Acreage Land

Location, Location, Location

Consider the location carefully. Think about your daily commute, access to essential services, and proximity to schools if you have children. Balancing the rural tranquility with convenience is key. You don’t want to be too far from the city because there are still many conveniences that are essential for our survival today.

Size and Terrain

Determine how much land you need and what type of terrain suits your preferences. Acreage properties vary, from flat plains to wooded areas, and the size of the land can impact your maintenance workload. Sometimes your house can be right beside the highway on a flat piece of land but the further up north we drive the more forests we see. These factors can determine how much work needs to be done to the property for a comfortable home environment.


Ensure that your acreage is accessible year-round. Consider factors such as road conditions, drainage, and ease of access to emergency services. Saskatchewan means snow, so remember that roads can be snowed in and need to be cleared, especially after a heavy blizzard.

Water and Utilities

Check if the property has access to reliable water sources and utilities. If not, explore the feasibility of well drilling, septic systems, and power connections. Water is very important and you must have access to it at all times.

Environmental Considerations

Assess the environmental factors of the land, such as flood zones, soil quality, and any conservation restrictions. These elements can affect your plans for the property. Not all soil can be built on and some spots are more easily flooded than others. Always consult the right professionals before deciding if the spot you chose is good.

Future Development

Research any planned developments in the area that could impact your acreage living experience. It's essential to understand the long-term prospects of the location. You finally settle in your dream home and desired location, only to have construction all around you the very next day! Understand that there could be other plans besides your own, so research carefully before deciding on a location.


Define your budget for both purchasing the land and developing it. Be prepared for additional costs such as permits, landscaping, and infrastructure. The expenses that arise while living in acreage homes tend to be different from homes in the city. Calculate all the possibilities and always leave some room for unexpected expenses.

Professional Guidance

Consider working with an experienced professional in acreage properties. At KW Homes, our professionals can provide valuable insights and help you navigate the purchase process. Since this is our field of expertise, we can educate you on making the right decisions and ensure you finally acquire the home of your dreams!


As you stand on the verge of acreage living near Saskatoon, let's reflect on this journey more intimately. This isn't just an address change, it's a transformation in how you experience life.

Before you dive into this adventure, take a moment to connect with your desires and dreams. Speak with experts, do your research, and visualize the life you want.

Ultimately, choosing an acreage home near Saskatoon can lead to a life filled with the vastness of open spaces, the beauty of nature, and countless opportunities for personal growth.

We hope this blog post provided you with valuable insights, guiding you toward a choice that resonates with your inner self. Whether you embrace acreage living or follow a different path, may your journey be brimming with joy, contentment, and the tranquility of the prairies!

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