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New Neighbourhood Home Builds with KW Homes

Build Your Custom Dream Home in one of Saskatoon's New Emerging Communities!

Award-Winning Saskatoon Home Builder:

KW Homes - 2012 Consumer Choice Award Winner
KW Homes - 2013 Consumer Choice Award Winner
KW Homes - 2014 Consumer Choice Award Winner
KW Homes - 2014 Diamond Services Award Winner
KW Homes - 2016 Consumer Choice Award Winner
KW Homes, Best Saskatoon home builder
KW Homes, New neighbourhood home builder

Your dream home in a vibrant community!

Embrace the Vibrancy of New Spaces

New neighbourhoods are more than just a collection of houses; they are vibrant, evolving communities filled with potential and promise. They offer a unique opportunity to be part of something from the very beginning, to see a neighbourhood grow and develop alongside your own family. New neighbourhoods are the perfect setting for young families, offering a diverse selection of lot shapes and sizes to accommodate your unique needs. With room to grow, new schools, and stunning green spaces, new neighborhoods are a canvas for your dream home. Moreover, building in a new neighborhood is generally more cost-effective as the necessary services are already in place and ready to go.

Customized Floor Plans for New Neighbourhoods

At KW Homes, we can custom design plans for a specific lot or you can choose from our wide range of pre-designed plans. Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your needs and preferences. We take the time to learn about your lifestyle, your tastes, and your future plans. This allows us to create a design that not only fits the lot but also fits you. Whether you need a home office, a spacious kitchen for gourmet cooking, or a playroom for the kids, we can incorporate these elements into the design.

New Neighbourhoods and Lots

At KW Homes, we can help you find the perfect lot for your needs – whether it's in our current inventory or by purchasing a lot specifically for you. We have an in-depth understanding of Saskatoon's new neighborhoods, so you can trust us to help you find the perfect community to call home.

Our Clients Trust Us!

My wife and I decided to hire KW Homes after interviewing another builder. What set KW Homes apart from their competition was their professionalism, willingness to negotiate items we requested and construction acumen - all at a reasonable cost. If we were to describe KW Homes in one word, it would be integrity. They followed through in every aspect - The build was completed earlier than expected after we requested an earlier possession date. After moving in, there were a few minor concerns of which all were tackled promptly and at zero cost.

It was easy to see throughout the build that KW Homes held their subcontractors to a higher standard. While other lots around the area looked like a disaster, our lot was left at the end of each day in neat order with garbage and debris removed - a sign of an efficient and safe operation. Overall, the workmanship was incredible with only a few minor issues noted at the initial walkthrough date - all of which were fixed before we moved in.

Kevin & Tamara

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Since 2002, We've cultivated the perfect combination of beautiful design and exceptional customer service

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Aim Confidently

Before we get started, it's crucial to set goals on what you'd like to achieve. Our initial meeting will help us determine your expectations, provide detailed insights on our home building process and our customer relationship philosophy.


Plan Diligently

Planning is critical and allows for more efficient use of time and other resources. During the planning phase, we collaborate with the client and experts from various different backgrounds to develop an actionable strategy.


Execute flawlessly

The road from concept to completion takes patience and expertise. Our exceptional track record allows us to execute safely, efficiently and with open lines of communication with our clients.

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