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The Process of building a home in Saskatoon

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Published on Jul 20, 2023

The Process of building a home in Saskatoon | Saskatoon Home Builder


The Process of building a home in Saskatoon

Building a home is a rewarding journey, albeit one filled with numerous steps and considerations. In the city of Saskatoon, this process has seen numerous changes over the past few years. From initial lot selection to the day of possession, Saskatoon's building process is a dance between the homeowner's dream and the reality of construction. Here's what to expect if you embark on this endeavour.

Step 1: Lot Selection and Initial Contact

Embarking on the journey to have your custom home built in Saskatoon starts with an essential decision - the selection of a lot. This isn't just about picking a patch of land; it's about setting the foundation for your future.

The chosen location profoundly impacts the daily life you will experience, from morning commutes to weekend retreats. Beyond immediate conveniences, the property's location can have a lasting influence on its appreciation over time, playing a crucial role in its future value.

To make an informed decision, prospective homeowners should dedicate time to explore different neighbourhoods, understanding their unique vibes and amenities. Consider visiting these sites in person to get a real feel for the surroundings.

Once you've narrowed down your options and armed with a clearer vision, it's time to initiate a conversation. Reaching out to a trusted home builder in Saskatoon to delve deeper into specifics and set the wheels in motion for your dream residence.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Builder

Selecting the right home builder for your project is a decision that carries immense weight. In the past few years, Saskatoon has experienced a notable rise in the number of builders eager to provide their construction expertise. The spectrum is broad, ranging from luxury builders specializing in exquisite, high-end designs to those focused on crafting homes that align with a tighter budget.

As you navigate this extensive choice, it's essential to prioritize the reputation of potential builders. Word of mouth, online reviews, and past project testimonials can offer invaluable insights into the quality and reliability they bring. Additionally, delving into their portfolio can provide a glimpse into their style and craftsmanship.

It's crucial that their previous works resonate with your personal aesthetics and what you envision for your home. Of course, the financial aspect cannot be overlooked; fair and transparent pricing is paramount. Above all, the rapport and understanding you share with the builder play an instrumental role.

At KW Homes, we believe in providing a stress-free & authentic approach to the building process. Our impressive track record speaks for itself - we've never missed a possession date. This commitment to timelines and quality is part of what sets us apart as Saskatoon home builders. Click here to speak with a local Saskatoon home building expert!

Step 3: The Design Phase

Embarking on the design phase is one of the most thrilling parts of the home-building journey. This is the stage where abstract ideas and dreams begin their transformation into concrete plans.

Starting with the floor plan, homeowners can either choose to adopt a standard plan often provided by builders or opt for a wholly custom design that embodies every nuance of their dream home. When working with a custom home builder, the emphasis is placed on personalization, ensuring that every corner, nook, and cranny of the space aligns seamlessly with your vision and lifestyle. Collaborative discussions, idea-sharing, and iterative design sessions will be frequent during this phase.

Moreover, the builder will bring their expertise to the table, advising on the feasibility of certain designs, suggesting modifications where necessary, and always ensuring that the final design is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. The culmination of this phase is a blueprint that not only adheres to your desires but also promises functionality and longevity. The excitement of watching your dream home take shape on paper is an experience unparalleled.

Step 4: Pricing and Contract Sign-off

After the intricate process of design finalization, the next pivotal step is getting a clear picture of the associated costs. In the realm of home building, understanding the financial side of things is crucial for a smooth process.

Your builder will present an estimate, detailing the expected expenses based on the finalized design. However, it's worth noting that in the current climate, where prices of finishing materials can oscillate, transparency in pricing discussions has become more vital than ever.

Open dialogue is the key: ensure that you voice any concerns or questions about the quoted figures, potential variances, or elements that could influence the final bill. It's also prudent to brace oneself for change orders. These are modifications or additions to the original scope of work and can arise during the construction phase due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in preferences. Being prepared for these potential adjustments not only helps in budgeting but also ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises as your dream home comes to life.

Step 5: Obtaining Necessary Permits

Initiating the construction of your dream home requires more than just a vision and the funds – it mandates the proper permissions in the form of permits. Saskatoon, mirroring many major cities across the globe, has stringent regulations in place to ensure that every new building is safe, environmentally friendly, and in complete harmony with the community's established standards. As a result, multiple permits are often needed, ranging from foundational work to utilities and environmental considerations.

Thankfully, the intricate process of obtaining these permits is usually managed by your chosen home builder. With their expertise and established connections within the city's departments, they can navigate the maze of bureaucracy more efficiently. Their experience ensures that no critical detail is overlooked, preventing potential delays or legal complications down the road. For homeowners, this delegation not only simplifies the building process but provides peace of mind knowing that all construction activities will be compliant with local ordinances.

Step 6: Down Payment and Construction Schedule

Securing the necessary permits is a significant milestone in your home-building journey. Following this, the next vital step awaits: the down payment. This initial financial commitment doesn't just symbolize a formal agreement between you and the builder; it acts as a catalyst, propelling the construction process into action.

Over the past few years, the dynamics of payments have evolved. Many homeowners, influenced by their financial comfort and market trends, opt for different payment strategies. Some prefer staggered, milestone-based payments that correlate with specific construction phases, ensuring they pay as they see progress. Others might choose a one-time lump sum, often benefiting from potential discounts or simplified financial management.

It's crucial to engage in a transparent discussion with your builder to determine a payment plan that aligns with your budget and comfort level. Remember, the goal is to find a balance between financial prudence and ensuring the smooth progression of your dream home's construction.

Step 7: The Construction Process

This is the moment every homeowner eagerly awaits: when blueprints and dreams gradually transform into concrete reality. Beginning with the crucial foundation phase, the construction process sets the stage for everything that follows.

As the weeks unfold in Saskatoon, you'll observe walls rising, sketching out the spaces that will soon harbour memories. The roof, once just a line in a design, now offers a tangible shield against the elements. Doors, the gateways to individual spaces within your home, are put in place, defining boundaries and offering access. The rhythm of construction, unique to every project and builder, is like a well-orchestrated dance, systematic and precise. Most builders prioritize keeping homeowners in the loop, providing regular progress reports.

Additionally, many allow, and even encourage, homeowners to visit and walk through the property at predefined stages, making you an involved witness to the beautiful evolution of your dream space.

Step 8: Choosing Finishes

Diving deep into the finishes phase is akin to adding the final brushstrokes to a masterpiece. Your sense of style becomes the compass, guiding every selection and ensuring your home resonates with your personality.

From opulent light fixtures that transform a room's ambiance, to bespoke doors that become silent storytellers of your refined taste, the array of choices can be both delightful and daunting. Exterior finishes, too, play a significant role, not just in aesthetic appeal but also in the home's resilience against the elements. While indulging in these selections, it's essential to maintain a balance between desire and budget. Every knob, tile, and paint shade, though seemingly minute, collectively influence the overall price of your new home. Thoughtful decisions here will ensure a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and financial prudence.

Step 9: Final Walkthrough and Completion

The culmination of months of planning, designing, and construction brings you to this exciting phase: the final walkthrough. As the tapestry of your dream home nears its completion, this walkthrough serves as a significant milestone. Accompanied by your builder, you'll traverse the rooms, inspecting every nook and cranny, ensuring that every detail aligns perfectly with your envisioned masterpiece. It's not just about admiring the beauty but also catching any discrepancies or imperfections that might have gone unnoticed.

This is the time to voice any concerns or make requests for last-minute tweaks. Your builder will take notes, ensuring that the final touches mirror your exact specifications. Once this meticulous process is completed, the final construction elements are put in place, inching you closer to the moment when you can call this house your home.

Step 10: Possession Date and Final Payment

At last, the day dawns when your dream transitions from a building site to a warm, welcoming abode. The possession date, often circled and starred on many homeowners' calendars, signifies not just the acquisition of a physical structure, but the beginning of countless memories to be crafted within its walls.

It's a profound moment, the culmination of numerous decisions, efforts, and the anticipation that has built up over the months. As you stand at the threshold, the builder will hand over the keys – a symbolic gesture that marks the house's transformation from a project to your personal sanctuary. But before the final celebrations, there's the small matter of settling any outstanding finances.

With the completion of your payment arrangements, the legalities are sealed, and the house becomes, in every sense, your own. It's a moment to cherish, looking back at the journey that was, and forward to the life that awaits inside your new home.

Step 11: Warranty and After-Sales Service

Building a home is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about trust. Reputable home builders in Saskatoon recognize this and, as a testament to their dedication to excellence, they provide a warranty on their handiwork.

This warranty isn't just a piece of paper but a promise, an assurance that your investment is protected against unforeseen glitches. It's a reflection of a builder's confidence in their craft and their genuine desire for homeowners to enjoy a hassle-free life in their new dwelling. But a warranty's true value is felt in the after-sales service. In the rare event that an issue arises post-possession, you can expect a prompt and efficient response, ensuring any concerns are swiftly rectified. This commitment to aftercare isn't just about fixing problems—it's about cultivating trust and maintaining a long-lasting relationship between the homeowner and the builder.


Building a home in Saskatoon is more than just a construction project; it's the realization of a dream. While the process might seem daunting at first, remember that every house built represents a family's dream brought to life. By working in close collaboration with a reputable builder, staying involved at every stage, and keeping an eye on the budget, you can ensure the outcome is everything you desired.

The past few years have seen a transformation in the way homes are built in Saskatoon, with an emphasis on customization and luxury. But at its core, the process remains rooted in the dream of homeowners to have a space they can call their own. Whether you're looking to sell new house in a few years or make it your family home for life, ensure that every decision, from lot selection to light fixtures, resonates with your vision. And when you finally walk into your completed dream home, it will indeed feel like a dream come true.

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